Plan Hangers


The three brands we carry in our range of plan hangers, drawing hangersplan trolleys and plan racks (also known as drawing racks) are; Arons Hang A Plan, Vistaplan and our economy range Q Connect:

Arnos Hang A Plan 

Hang-A-Plan products were manufactured in Australia in 1970. Hang-A-Plan is manufactured in association with Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. in Cheltenham Victoria Australia. Arnos is an ISO 9001-2000 Quality endorsed company.

Arnos Hang-A-Plan filing systems can save up to 80% on floor space and cuts filing times by over 75%.

Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Plan Racks provide clear and easy unobstructed access to all plans. Plans are loaded into binders and hang on a trolley or wall rack for storage

The Arnos Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolley permits quick and easy access to all drawings.  Their patented QUICKFILE plan binders use innovative technology to allow plans and drawings to be filed or retrieved up to twice as fast when compared to other plan binders. The Arnos D060 Trolley is capable of taking a mixed variety of hangers that includes A1, A2 and A0. The Arnos D061 takes A2 and A1 Hangers only and is not suitable for A0. 

Hang-A-Plan filing systems are perfect for storing plans, drawings, and other large flat sheets and materials such as maps and charts, posters and prints, or even sample swatches of wall paper, gift wrapping paper, curtain fabrics, dress clothes and carpets.

All Arnos binders are hand assembled and tested to meet strict quality standards. All Arnos plan hangers come with a 10 year guarantee. If any components prove defective under normal use, they will be replaced free of charge.

Arnos Plan Drawing Hangers are available in the following sizes A2/A3 Drawing Hanger, A1 Drawing Hanger and A0 Drawing Hanger. The Arnos Hang a Plan drawing plan hangers come in the following Sizes:

A1 Hangers: D100a silver standard hanger and D200b black quick release hanger

A2 or A3 Hangers D099a Standard silver hangers

A0 Hangers: D102a silver standard hanger and D202b black quick release hanger


The Vistaplan system has been designed to meet the demand of today’s drawing storage requirements and is suitable for use in the office as well as on site, making a complete drawing and plan filing system.

Hangers have a capacity of up to 100 sheets, depending on paper weight and the type of storage unit used. Hangers can store mixed paper sizes and drawings do not need to be fitted with planstrips. They are available in 3 lengths to accommodate all popular drawing sizes, A1 Plan Hangers, A0 Plan hangers and CAD Plan Hangers.

For reference purposes, individual sheets can be flipped through like the pages of a book, without the need to open the hanger. The robust hanger is made of lightweight aluminium and is finished in an attractive durable powder coated textured grey finish.

The range of  Vistaplan plan chests come in various sizes which are available in steel or woodden construction. The Vistaplan range of plan chests and plan drawers are of the highest quality and are all made in the UK


Vistaplan is a UK based Company which have been established for over 50 years as leader in the production and supply Drawing Management Systems. You can be assured of a great quality product with full support available locally in the UK.

Vistaplan drawing boards are one of the best drawing boards on the market, made in the UK they are available in the following sizes: A1 drawing boards, A2 drawing boards, A3 drawing boards and A0 drawing boards. Vistaplan drawing boards are also available with continuous parallel motion.

Vistaplan also offer bespoke systems and colours; please call us for further information.

All Vistaplan products bought from us come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vistaplan has ISO 9001 certification and UKAS accreditation.

Q Connect

Q Connect plan hangers and plan trolleys are an extremely good value product and very popular particularly for those who want an economical solution for the storage of their plans and drawings.

Ideal for use on site or in the office, the plan trolley can hold both A1 and A0 plan hangers. Q connect  trolleys can hold up to 25 hangers giving a solution than can hold up to 2500 drawings (depending on the thickness of the material).